Riptide’s World’s Fastest Bushings Have Arrived – Max Bloess Approves

Longboard Loft presents Riptide’s WFB formula bushings. The WFB (World’s Fastest Bushing) formula bushings are super quick turning with high rebound and come in 4 awesome shapes. They offer classic Barrels and Cones plus their proprietary Chubby and Fat Cone shapes. The Chubby bushings act much like the Eliminator shape from Venom; however, they have no nipple at the end and fit flush with an oversized flat washer into the baseplate. This shape provides excellent stability. The fat cone is the width of a barrel at the base and then actually gets wider as it goes further away from the truck. The shape provides an intial turn much like a barrel bushing and then progressively restricts more and more as you turn deeper and the bushing is further condensed.

The key differentiation Riptide bushings provide is a super wide range of durometers. The WFB bushings go all the way down to 68a!!! yet somehow, Brad over there has found a way to create urethane that soft that is also durable. Most other bushings that soft, or even close to that soft, will shred to pieces after a month or so of riding. I have been riding Riptides for months now, and they are easily the most durable bushings I own. The 68a bushings feel almost as soft as chewing gum, yet they do not warp or shred like other soft bushings. If you’re a lightweight skater or you have a kid that skates, these bushings will completely change your ride.

Riptide has sent me a couple packs of bushings for us to try over the past couple months. I gave 2 sets of bushings to Max Bloess, Bustin’s youngest team rider, to try out. He’s all of about 50 pounds, and when I checked out his board, his trucks were so loose, the bushings weren’t even engaged until he was halfway through the turn! Not safe! Paul, Max’s dad and skate partner, was kind enough to share with me his thoughts on how the bushings affected Max’s ride:

Max got these bushings about a month ago, a week before the Toronto Board meeting. I had just spoken to Jeff Vyain from Longboard Loft and wanted to get some new bushings for my sons Bustin 36-inch Robot running some old model bear trucks and Bustin Swift 77mm/78a (tan) wheels. The stock green bushings were just too hard for my little 45lb shredder, and as a result, I had to have them really loose just so he could carve a little. The problem was they were too loose, and he would get speed wobbles when we would bomb hills. Jeff threw on some of these new bushings 68a and 73a, and right away he was carving the robot like a pro around the store. After we left, we pushed up Allen Street heading to Union Square, and he was carving the bike lane, avoiding pedestrians, bikes and the occasional car making a turn. He was so happy with his new setup. The only problem was when he caught a skitch from me so we could make a light, he got some wobbles. Well, it was a quick fix. I was so used to keeping his bushings loose that all I needed to do was tighten up the kingpin about 2 complete turns and we were off. The true test was a steep, busy hill by our house. It has a nice smooth S turn which can get hairy when the cars don’t give us space. Well there was nothing to worry about, speed wobbles were gone and yet they are soft enough for him to carve the streets. We took this setup with us to the Toronto Board Meeting. We bombed the big “advanced” hill in the beginning, and he carved his way around the city like a champ. They are by far the best bushings he has ever had the chance to ride. Thanks Jeff and thanks Riptide for an awesome product. He just put them on his Bustin Mini Maestro with Paris Trucks and Bustin Swift 70mm/78a (blue) wheels, and we are getting the same results. Max loves the Riptides so much he is switching them out on all his boards.

Innovative shapes, wide range of duros, killer rebound, and top of the line durability. Not much else I can say about these suckers. Get them. You’ll be happy you did. We’re carrying them here at the Longboard Loft on 132 Allen St, Manhattan, and we’re even sell them as singles so you can completely customize your board to your liking.