Moonshine MFG

From what I heard, Moonshine MGF longboards is made by people who skates, and that should be enough said! But I know its not, so here is a lil background.. Their Employees knew it was possible to use the materials, machinery and process to build a revolutionary longboard skateboarding deck. On their own time, these skateboarders designed, developed and provided a final working prototype to the Moonshine Operations Manager.  And for a new brand who arrived around 2014 to the top marketing, Moonshine has been shinning!!

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One of their most popular boards is the Hooch is a Freeride, Freestyle and Downhill performance multi-tool. The Hooch have a deep concave, some wheel flares, subtle rocker, multiple wheel base options and already comes with a aggressive grip into a deck that is ultra lightweight and ultra durable. Their vert-lam wood core and single-shot urethane rail.  The Hooch is a  38″L  X  9.75’W and have multiple wheelbase options: 23.5″ / 24.25″ / 25″ / 25.75″ .




Moonshine MFG Fire Water and Rum Runner
Moonshine MFG Fire Water and Rum Runner


The Moonshine Fire Water is a very light weight double kick created for parks, hills and the streets! with ultra-durable 60D double-shot urethane rails andcomposite construction and carbon stringer. Its a 36″ L X 9.625″ W deck with wheelbase: 18″ / 19″

The Moonshine Rum Runner is generally made for high speeds. With medium concave and micro drop rocker that will lock your feet making you feel comfortable at high speed for downhill and freeriders.  Its a only two-plu deck with enough concave to rail turns and for long slides. Multiple wheel base options. Vert-lam wood core and 60D double-shot urethane rail for responsive and high-performance ride on this ultra-lightweight deck! The Rum Runner is 35″L  X 10″W with wheelbase options: 23.5″ / 24.25″ / 25″ / 25.75″ / 26.5″




Also if you are looking for a nice cruising light freeride board, they also got it!

The County Line is a drop through carver and ample comfort for long sessions. Wide platform with extended tip/tail kicks fr greather edge control, and better foot placement options. Urethane truck mount providing vibration dampening in all riding conditions. Its available in two flex options, firm and soft. They are a 43.75″L  X  9.5’W with wheelbase: 23.5″ / 24.25″ / 25″ / 25.75″ / 26.5″



We have all these decks available here at the Loft. They been selling left and right and I dont even have to say why. Quality certainly comes first with very durable longboards. We have some demos available. Come check out and shine out!






Hola amigos!

We back to announce the new Bustin Boards Push and Cruising series are here! And with even more options.

Bustin Boards this year is going to be dedicating themselves “For All Who Push!” and nonetheless, their new decks and completes have arrived at the Loft and are ready to show off.

Curious? Ight… here is the introduction for two of their new models. Lets start with the newest Long Disntace/ Push board called NOMAD! For all pushing fast and strong, this shall be your newest ally


36″ Long / 9″ wide / 29 – 29.75 Wheelbase / 1.2″ Drop (YUP)


Easy going board with super low ride height, with a huge 1.2″ drop and drop-through mounting makes the Nomad a push weapon. Commuting to work or transportation should be called MTA Nomads. Its a 8 plies of sustainable Canadian Maple, but it feels like only 3 plies due the super light weight.

Now, if you are looking for something easier to carry and very functional for the different obstacles, then you might be looking for something like the Bustin NY Surf cruise series.

They come in two different sizes, the 29 Bamboo and 32 Classic series. It offers the perfect balance between balance of flex, sizing and artistry for all surf lovers.


32″ Long / 8.15″ wide / 17.95 Wheelbase / 5.5 Tail


The gently flex characteristics makes this Cruisers even funnier to push around and comfy ride. The single kick tail can also be super functional and efficient.

These cruisers are made of a flexible maple layup for a light and durable cruiser! The Surf Cruiser 29″ is also made of Bamboo/ Maple Hybrid layup.

They are more likely recommend to be used tkp, indy-style trucks primarily. 155 to 169 would probable be the best, depending on your board size!

WE are running low in stock already, so come get yours and go enjoy this beautiful weather that N.Y is providing!!



Will Royce Pro Hollowcore Model

Will has been travelling all over the world this past year. He been all over South and North America and everywhere else.. Spreading the word, spreading the stoke!! Will is one of the most traveled skaters in the scene, top race competitors and a skate everything kind guy. No better word to describe  Royce than Shredder!

Bustin Board knows it better, and has been backing him up since day one. Couple years ago Bustin Boards came up with his pro model wheels,  and the Will Royce Pro Model! New year, new stuff coming up… Bustin decided is time to improve and Royce has been showing the path. The new Wil Royce Pro Hollowcore is here!


side view and front view of bustin royce pro longboard

Trimmed everything up making it a bit narrower and we put in a Hollowcore to reduce the weight.  Several mounting options for different styles, kinda skating.. Shorter for your everyday setup, and longer so to bomb your hills! The features are Honey-Comb Core tech, 3d Wheel Flares, Through-Concave kicktail, CNC Wheel weels, Elliptical W-Concave!!! Complicate, right? Lets say.. it works!

If numbers is easier… The Royce Pro Hollowcore model is 37.42″ long / 9.77″ wide / 20.25″ – 25.25WB / 0.6″ –  07″ Race Cave! The mounting options should be very efficient, specially when this board was created to Skate Everything!


NEW Royce Pro model is here! - Skate Everything


We already have couple of them available at the LOFT! Come get while they are still fresh and be the one to show your friends whats up!

Also, do not forget to follow Will Royce on your social media

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Push Culture Hoodies!

It’s getting cold here in NYC but we’re not gonna let a little cold stop us from skating, and you shouldn’t either! With Push Cultures pullover hoody you can stay warm and keep skating. The pullover incorporates a thick hoody, face mask keeps the cold air from going down your neck, reinforced shoulder and elbow patches for added durability, double cuffs with thumb-holes on the inner cuffs to keep the wind from coming up your sleeves, mesh underarm for ventilation. Truly designed for commuters and skaters!

pcgrey1push culture black

Caliber V2 Purple Satin

We’re stoked to announce that we have the Purple Caliber V2’s back in stock! The V2’s feature many improvements over the V1 including; A reinforced base plate, updated inner and outer bushing seats, circular kingpin holes provide a consistent and uniform lean, heat treated to strengthen the hangar by up to 40%! The V2’s also use a thinner coat of paint that has virtually no impact on performance so if purple is not your thing they’re also available in Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Black, Raw Silver, White and Acid Melon.

CALv2Purp right_purp