Broadway Bomb weekend recap/Photo Blog!

Hey y’all. This has been a pretty crazy end of the month with the Broadway Bomb and the Skate for Life Jam last weekend followed by Sandy this weekend. Many of us here on the east coast are trapped in our neighborhoods with debris covered streets and public transportation down. The city is working towards getting this fixed but in the mean time many of the non-affected people are sitting at home and using this a an excuse to rest, or if you’re like me, get some school work done. I’m here to distract you from your work and give you some entertainment with a Bomb weekend recap/Photo Blog.

Even with all the speculation of the broadway bomb being shut down by NY’s “finest”, it went off without a hitch.  Some groups started at 120th and walked down to 116th to skate and some just started from 110th. Either way, this year was less of a race but more of a skate down broadway to show the PD that we’re serious about this. Check out the Wheelbase Mag coverage  to see how it went down.

The following day was the Earthwing Skateboards hosted Skate For life Slide Jam. This was the BEST slide jam I have ever been to. There was never a moment where gnar wasn’t radiating from that hill. It’s such an awesome feeling to see all these people from around the world come and shred a hill I go to every week. The riders (and organizers) absolutely killed it. Seen on the podium this year was someone completely new and took the judges by surprise. That’s Micaela Wilson from New Hampshire. She told us she’s 17 and comes from a community with a not too big skate scene. This was her first time in the city on a board and this was also her first slide jam. Lucky for her, NYC welcomed her with open arms and gave her a well deserved 3rd place podium spot. She says she loved the Jam and met a ton of new people and even tried Tech Sliding (and loved it). We see a bright future for her. Keep shreddin’!

It was a great end to the weekend and a ton of prizes were given out and over $1800 was raised for a local Cystic Fibrosis foundation. Thanks for all that donated and participated! The podium was as follows:


1st place:Chris Obrien

2nd place: John Kreutter

3rd place: Josh Wright

Hard Wheels:

1st place:Marcelo Costa

2nd place: John Kreutter

3rd place: (Tied) Mason McNay & Louis Pilloni


1st place: Cindy Zhou

2nd place: Laura Nocka

3rd place: Micaela Wilson

Here are some pictures from the weekend. For more Photos Check out my Personal Blog


Max Gnar getting people excited at the S9 BBQ

Kiefer Dixon and Abec 11 owner Chris Chaput


Chilling going on outside of the LBL after the BBQ
Steven Vera doing some freestyle at the BBQ


Dylan Pierce


Micaela Wilson


Muirskate sticker and shirt toss
Ed Nieves
Steve Kong giving out prizes
Laura Nocka Podium

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to follow us on instagram or give us a call if you have any questions. Post any requests you have for future posts on our Facebook Page! Later y’all!

Stoke Stoke Stoke!

Howdy y’all! A few weeks ago I went over push boards for the Broadway Bomb. Well, a few weeks passed and the Bomb is only a few days away. I’m here to tell you about the Schedule for the Broadway Bomb weekend with the organizer of the Skate for Life Slidejam.

To kick off the weekend, Blue Sky Longboards is hosting the Blue Sky Mile Challenge. Think you’re the fastest pusher? Come out friday afternoon and test yourself and compete in a one mile sprint to see who’s the fastest. Go head to head with some of NYC’s fastest skaters. This is at Liberty State Park in NJ. It’s a sanctioned IDSA race with a 4k prize purse! Trophy boards and shwag will be prizes as well. I’ll be racing in the Junior’s division. Come out and have some good ole’ pushin’ fun.

Saturday is the day we’ve all been waiting for, the Broadway Bomb. With an outcome of 1,000+ people this year we’re super stoked for this year. Like every year, there will be a BBQ on the east riverside park as well as the podium and giveaways.

Sunday is the Skate For Life Slidejam hosted by an “anonymous host”. You might have attended other events held at the same spot, Darktower, such as the Money Cup and the Save The Van Jam, raising money to help fix the van of Earthwing Team rider Jessica Corchia. We spoke to this “anonymous host” and had him tell us a little about the jam. “If you’re in town for the Bomb weekend be sure to come though to my slidejam on Sunday! It’s a friendly charity slide competition for Cystic Fibrosis. We’ll have both hard and soft wheel divisions and raffles for prizes. All entry fees and raffle money will go to a local Cystic Fibrosis foundation” The exact location is yet to be released to the public for the protection of the spot. The foundation will not be mentioned as this is an outlaw event.

This week is going to be hella’ fun. I know I can not wait! Known names from across the globe are coming into town just for this memorable weekend. Follow the facebook pages for these events to stay up to date with the news and meet with other people. Make sure to gear up before the race. Stop by cause’ we’ve got your Skanunu, safety gear and apparel. See y’all there!

Rayne Rider Patrick Switzer and Bustin Riders Jonas Richter and Will Royce Tri-Host Longboard Loft Skate Clinic! This Thursday!

Longboard Loft Riders are in town this Thursday! P-Swiss, Jonas Richter, and Will Royce will be at Longboard Loft NYC to host a GnarSkate Clinic! Thursday is going to be on epic day for all you skaters out there. Big things happening. Lets run through some of the events that will be going on, shall we?

2PM – Clinic for all riders of all experiences. Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn more about this sport, or if you’re an experienced rider looking for an extra edge, this is for you. P-Swiss, Will, and Jonas will be tri-co-hosting a skate clinic for anyone interested in meeting and learning from the best in the biz. Want to tweak your set up to perfection? Why not have Longboard Loft’s Professional team rider help you out with that? Tear apart your board with P-Swiss ad Jonas and go over all your components, what they do, how they function, and how they all work together to create the feel of your ride. Different riding techniques will be explained as well from slalom to intense downhill to dancing and freestyle. Come in and be prepared to ask questions. Oh yeah, we’re about to blow your mind. To finish off this clinic there will be a Q&A about longboard safety and skating trivia. Winners will get some free swag!

8PM – Skate through New York City and Central Park skate. Our trifecta of skateboard gurus will join, and other local riders in town for this weekend’s downhill race at Windham mountain are invited to join as well. Here’s your chance to skate with the best! Come take part! Should be a epic time and a great experience for all skaters.

Make sure you come by Longboard Loft NYC this Thursday, June 21st 2012! 2PM for chats and 8PM for skates. Get it in!