We only have a few of the limited run Wheelbase/Bustin Longbeards left here at the loft! The Longbeard measures in a 42.5″ long by 9.5″ wide. Features a snappy kicktail and a wide nose, generous wheel wells, mild wheel flares, two mounting options (24″ & 25″) We reccomend setting up this deck with 169mm Indy TKP trucks, 60mm wheels, and 1/4″ riser pad so you dont have to worry about wheelbite. Only 100 longbeards were made and once they’re gone, well.. they’re gone! So this is one board you don’t wanna wait on.


Push Culture Hoodies!

It’s getting cold here in NYC but we’re not gonna let a little cold stop us from skating, and you shouldn’t either! With Push Cultures pullover hoody you can stay warm and keep skating. The pullover incorporates a thick hoody, face mask keeps the cold air from going down your neck, reinforced shoulder and elbow patches for added durability, double cuffs with thumb-holes on the inner cuffs to keep the wind from coming up your sleeves, mesh underarm for ventilation. Truly designed for commuters and skaters!

pcgrey1push culture black

Caliber V2 Purple Satin

We’re stoked to announce that we have the Purple Caliber V2’s back in stock! The V2’s feature many improvements over the V1 including; A reinforced base plate, updated inner and outer bushing seats, circular kingpin holes provide a consistent and uniform lean, heat treated to strengthen the hangar by up to 40%! The V2’s also use a thinner coat of paint that has virtually no impact on performance so if purple is not your thing they’re also available in Red, Green, Gold, Blue, Black, Raw Silver, White and Acid Melon.

CALv2Purp right_purp


PNL Precision Trucks: Strummer

-The Strummer come stock with PNL 92A duro race formula bushings.
-47 degree baseplate.
-180mm hanger width bearing face to bearing face.
-Stainless steel insert in the baseplate machined to spec to match our own machined 17-4 stainless steel kingpin.
-Open bushing seat that captures the base of the bushing. This eliminates any bushing slop while still allowing for a great non restrictive truck.
-Spherical ball pivot. This allows for a no bind pivot.
-Baseplate and hanger – 6061 T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum.
-Axles and kingpins – 17-4 heat treated stainless steel.
-Precision sleeved bushing washers- 303 stainless steel.
-Precision machined bearing spacers.
-Bushings are manufactured by Pretty Noise Lab Skate Factory.
-Pivot cups are machined from 90a Pretty Noise Lab Skate Factory urethane.
pnl strummer green grey-700x700





Earthwing Boards

Earthwing has been making high quality boards out of wood and other composites since day one. Pictured below from left to right the Hoopty 34″, Hoopty 36″, NLS 37 and NLS 40

Hoopty 34″ 8-ply Maple skateboard featuring symmetrical w-concave to help keep your feet locked in at all speeds, 9.8″ wide with wheelbase options 23.5-26,  this board is perfect for any kind of downhill skating for riders who prefer a shorter wheelbase

Hoopty 36″ 8-ply Maple skateboard also features aggressive concave with symmetrical w-concave down the deck. 10″ wide with wheelbase options ranging from 25.5-28

“The N.L.S.40 – more of a versatile symmetrical free-rider / park deck. The shorter N.L.S.37 is a directional, more race friendly deck that has a full functional tail. Both have multiple wheel bases from 20 13/16″ – 24″.”

Photo Jan 03, 5 06 00 PM